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Standard Quarry Run Flagging

Size: Irregularly shaped, mostly rectangular, and usually sawn on at least one or two sides and up to three or four.  Quarry Run averages 1-1/4 to 2 square feet/pc in surface area.
Thickness: 3/4 - 1"

Standard Valley Run Flagging
Irregularly shaped with rectangular shaped and may be sawn on no edges or one, two, three or four sides.  Valley Run averages 1 to 1-1/2 square feet/pc in surface area.
Thickness:  3/4-1", but can have feather thin edges.
Mortar joint fit:  There is no specification for the mortar joint, although it is commonly laid with a 1/2-1" joint and butting is not recommended.
Finish: Natural cleft.
Color: Flagging is available in Greens, Grays, Mottles, Purples, Reds and Blacks in various shades of each color.
Shipment: We palletize the material loose by color, for example all greens on a pallet.
Pattern: The material is not cut to any specific size and therefore we do not have a pattern, it is usually up to the individual or their stone mason to form up a suitable pattern.
Uses: Flagging is primarily used in outdoor installations; such as patios, terraces, courts, walkways, and porches.  Flagging can be used in areas where you do not want it to have a sub-base such as stepping stones in a garden or it can be used where you do want a base such as a cement patio.


Valley Run - gray, green, purple & mottle
$200.00 per 1000 pounds
Valley Run - red
$350.00 per 1000 pounds
Valley Run - black
$4.50 per piece (Pallet Rate)
Quarry Run - grey, green, purple & mottle
$300.00 per 1000 pounds
Quarry Run - red
$400.00 per 1000 pounds
Quarry Run - black
$4.50 per piece (Pallet Rate).

 1000 pounds covers apporximately 100 square feet.

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